Praising God

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Can I just say PRAISE THE LORD? A lot has changed since I last posted here. One month ago, I moved from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side in Manhattan. I live with Heather, a wonderful human I met in community group at church. My commute to work is only 20 minutes now, opposed to the hour from Brooklyn. Moving is very stressful but I was lucky that I didn’t have to move any furniture from Brooklyn – only what I came from Florida with. If anyone is from/living in NYC, you know that moving here is extra tough because more than likely you don’t have a car and an elevator is a luxury. To all the moving companies in the city: Thank You.  

This past weekend, I attended a CRU retreat in the Hudson Valley. I’d been to one CRU event prior to signing up for this retreat so I was a little nervous for the unknown; especially because I only knew one person attending and I’m never particularly comfortable with meeting new people. Taylor and I embarked from Penn Station Friday night and arrived at the lodge around 9 pm. There was a bonfire and lots of small talk. The second day included a mix of sermons, discussion groups, food, a steep hike, and a late-night bonfire. And on the third day, we rested. Just kidding. But I did get to hang out with my new pals. I must also mention: I GOT TO TALK ABOUT THE ENNEAGRAM SO MUCH. Probably because I'm obsessed and will find any way to work it into a conversation, but many others knew what it was and were talking about it and it made my heart happy. What's better than some old fashioned self-awareness and empathy for others??

Despite my fears, the retreat ended up being a blessing. I met a lot of amazing people with whom I hope to continue building a friendship. Hopefully this sentiment doesn’t come across as strange, but I’m used to having close guy friends back home and that has been a hole in my life here. There’s just something to be said about having a nice mix of male and female friends. I’m surrounded by truly amazing women but I haven’t had the chance to cultivate any friendships with guys in the city. This retreat let me hang out with guys who love Jesus and it is what my soul needed. I also met gals who love going out for drinks as much as I do and that is a blessing because sometimes you just gotta let loose ya’ll. And most of all, I got to hang out with Taylor (Hi Taylor, if you’re reading) and get to know her better. Attn world: she is a true gem.  

My main point in writing this post is just to praise the Lord because He is good. I’ve never felt as close to Jesus as I do here in the city (which is a strange thing to admit). I’m continually given opportunities to grow and learn and battle my social anxiety. I have plenty of not-so-nice moments, don’t get me wrong. I’m such a hot mess. Sometimes I convince myself that nobody will ever understand me or that I’ll never have community like I did in St. Augustine. I’ll lament and wallow, mostly to one of my best friends back home (sorry Amie). But then I’m given beautiful reminders that 1. I do have awesome friends here 2. Even if I didn’t, so what?? Being known by Jesus is ENOUGH 3. The Lord provides, and when He provides, He provides more than you’d ever expect.

A virtual tour of my new room.

A virtual tour of my new room.

Views of where we stayed in the Hudson Valley.

Views of where we stayed in the Hudson Valley.

Sarah Horgan